Ages since you have been meaning,

To finish off all that festival cleaning?

Can’t find anyone to meet your tailoring need,

Or looking for caterers that can easily feed?

Is your home infested with some pest,

Or do you need products better than the best?

Travelling, plumber-ing, tailoring and repair,

Are these activities leaving you in despair?

Want services worth every single penny?

When in doubt, YOJINI !!


We often seek our neighbours’ help for getting references of local service providers. Don’t we? Today, time is the constraint, and everyone aims to find out the most reliable service providers at the lowest possible prices.

Ironically, our purpose is to spend as low as possible and get quality as high as possible. Having countless experts in all fields, there is also a need to delegate these services to those who have premium skills and expertise. This saves us the trouble and time.

But finding apt of people to do your job right can be rather challenging. You may find the best person for the job, but he may not be available at your location at the right time. Or there may be someone located near you, but you may not be aware! And when you are already stressed with office work, daily chores just add to tension and anxiety.

In times like these, all you wish is to cast a spell that can help you say goodbye to your personal and home service woes. And, we at YOJINI, make your wishes come true. Our jini rubs the chirag and provides you with all hyper local services on a single platform.

So, when in doubt, just YOJINI !