Most Common Laptop Hardware Problems |

Most Common Laptop Hardware Problems

Most Common Laptop Hardware Problems

Power Connection:

Power connection is one of the common problems we generally face. In public while tripping over your power cable once or twice may be okay, when done repeatedly it can cause permanent damage to the cable, causing it to stop working.

Hard Disk Not Working:

This is because of overheating of the laptop or some unwanted or infected file has been uploaded on the system.

Display Issue:

You turn on your laptop on as usual an hear it booting up but there is no display on your LCD screen. As your laptop is one combined unite, unlike a PC that separates its screen from its motherboard, a number of issues can occur that cause your screen to malfunction


Processor is the main cause of overheating of the system. If you are using or working on lots of files at the same time, it may cause of overheating. Sometimes improper placement of laptop my cause of overheating.

At that time when the processor fan is making some sound you should shutdown your system after saving all the work.

Power Battery:

Your laptops battery is one of the most important components of your laptop. It is the only thing that is powering your advanced device when you unplug it from its charger. Replacement of Laptop battery is a routine exercise after one or two years.


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