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There are so many times when you are completely perplexed when it comes to your daily woes regarding what to do and how to do it. How you wish you had someone else who could do almost everything for you! But life is not a fairy tale and everybody does not get to be as lucky as Aladdin. But wait, do you wish to be one? Yes, indeed! With Yojini, a Delhi/NCR based hyper-local service provider, you now have your own personal genie to serve you on commands! This ‘Jini’ is sure to de-stress you concerning the household chores. Whether it is through our website online, on the phone or the Yojini app which is available on Google Play, you can browse through all kinds of home services on fingertips.


We understand the need having a variety of home services readily available at your doorstep.

In the gen y era, where each one of us is tied up with something or the other, quick assistance. With women competing with men as opposed to orthodox traditions, neither one of the couples finds the time or energy to perform mundane tasks at home. Precisely why Yojini. We provide all with best of home services.

So, heyo dear busy bees. When you wish not to indulge in such domestic chores or are tired of stepping out in this killing heat to clean up, just YOJINI – we’re a call away!


Is there a tap leaking in your bathroom? Or did your favourite dress tear off while travelling? Does your home look no less than a mess and you don’t have the energy to clean it up? Is a piece of your furniture crying out for repairs? Is your otherwise clean and beautiful home infested with pests? Does the electricity at your home keep tripping and you cannot seem to understand why? Keep coming up with more.

Stop cribbing, as Yojini is knocking at your door.

Upon raising a request, we assist you in finding your preferred home services just around your periphery. We bring plumbers, tailors, electricians, cleaners, caterers, computer repair specialists and many more expert service providers right at your doorstep. Our wide range of home services with more than hundred categories and ten thousand service providers will surely leave you un-turned.

HOW DOES IT WORK? – Just three steps away from saying goodbye to your home and personal service woes!

1.Select your service

The first step to availing various top notch home services is for you to choose from our vast directory that suits your needs the most. Depending on the urgency and necessities you have, click on the service type.

2. Choose your city:

To make it easier for us to provide you with timely services without unnecessary and avoidable delays, the second step towards achieving affordable services is to choose your city of residence. The accurate location will enable us to catch hold of the service providers that are located nearest to you and can assist you most aptly.

3. Find a Service Provider:

With all the specifications in place, you are only a click away from your dream service provider. Fill in the basic details and relax till service providers phone you. Their opening hours, operational timings, phone numbers, email ids as well as a map and street view of their exact locations would be furnished.

Remember, you must negotiate to crack the best deal!


We aspire to be the best providers of home services and a user-friendly portal that allows you to seamlessly search for services. Commercially, we aim to garner Yojini’s share in the Indian market among the home services providers. The best part is the fact that we strive to do so without compromising on the quality of the services. And, in our attempt to do so, we minimise the response time for you especially when it comes to requests made for home services by business women. We hope with your support, encouragement and appreciation towards our efficiency, Yojini will be able to become the first brand providing more than a hundred services, particularly for personal and home use.